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Amos 'N' Andy Amos 'N' Andy 

Amos ‘N’ Andy – “The Locked Trunks Secret.” (1943)

Welcome folks to another comedy episode in the Geezer Gus Presents™ series of Classic Comedy Radio Shows. All Geezer Gus radio episodes are remastered, creating a more authentic listener experience for you. Today we go into our radio vault again and bring to you a classic comedy episode from the very popular Amos ‘N’ Andy Radio Show. This episode is titled  “The Locked Trunks Secret.”  This episode originally aired in 1943. The Amos ‘N’ Andy Radio show was a wildly popular radio program that aired from 1928 to 1960. The…

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The Fred Allen Radio Show The Fred Allen Show 

The Fred Allen Show – Guest – “Charlie McCarthy.” (1945)

Welcome back folks to the Geezer Gus Presents™  Comedy Series ! I’m so thrilled you tuned in ! Today’s comedy episode is from the popular radio classic The Fred Allen Show. The Fred Allen Show was a very popular and long-running American old-time radio comedy program, starring comedian Fred Allen and his wife Portland Hoffa. The show ran for 17 seasons, from 1932 to 1949. In this episode, Fred Allen’s special guest is Charlie McCarthy. This episode is brought to you by our friends at At,  you can watch hundreds…

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Our Miss Brooks Radio Show Our Miss Brooks 

Our Miss Brooks – “Old Clothes for Party” with Eve Arden (1948)

Today’s comedy episode is from the classic  Our Miss Brooks radio show. This episode is titled  “Old Clothes for Party” starring Eve Arden. Our Miss Brooks is an American situation comedy starring Eve Arden as a  skeptically humorous high-school English teacher.  It began as a radio show broadcast on CBS from 1948 to 1957.

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Duffy's Tavern Radio Show Duffy's Tavern 

Classic Comedy – Duffy’s Tavern – “Job Opening.” (1951)

Welcome back folks to the Geezer Gus Presents™  Comedy Series ! I’m so very thrilled you tuned in again. Today’s comedy episode is a classic from the Duffy’s Tavern Radio Show series. This episode is titled “Job Opening.”  All of the old commercials from this 1951 episode have been included in this episode, to preserve the authenticity of this recording. Enjoy the nostalgia ! Duffy’s Tavern featured celebrity guest stars, and always hooked them around the misadventures, get-rich-quick schemes, and romantic antics surrounding the tavern’s manager Archie. This episode is…

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