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The Fred Allen Radio Show The Fred Allen Show 

The Fred Allen Show – “Boris Karloff.” (1945)

Welcome back folks to the Geezer Gus Presents™  Radio  Comedy Series ! I’m so thrilled you tuned in ! Today’s comedy episode is from the popular radio classic The Fred Allen Show. The Fred Allen Show was a very popular and long-running American old-time radio comedy program, starring comedian Fred Allen and his wife Portland Hoffa. The show ran for 17 seasons, from 1932 to 1949. This episode’s guest star is Boris Karloff. I included the original commercials and public announcements as they were in the original episode in 1945,…

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The Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show The Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show 

The Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show – “Spring House Cleaning.” (1949)

Welcome back again folks to the Geezer Gus Presents™  Comedy Radio Series ! I’m so very happy you tuned in again. I do hope you are enjoying these classic comedy shows. Today’s comedy episode is another classic from the  Phil Harris and Alice Faye comedy series. I’ve included the original commercials in this episode to preserve the listening integrity of the episode, the way it was in 1949. The Phil Harris Alice Faye Show was a comedy variety show. It debuted on NBC in 1948, and ran until 1954, and…

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Amos 'N' Andy Amos 'N' Andy 

Amos ‘N’ Andy – “Insurance Fraud.” (1944)

Welcome folks to another comedy episode in the Geezer Gus Presents™ Series of Classic Comedy Radio Shows. All Geezer Gus radio episodes are remastered, creating a more authentic listener experience for you.  All the old commercials have also been preserved, the way it was, way back in 1944. Today we go into our radio vault again and bring to you a classic comedy episode from the very popular Amos ‘N’ Andy Radio Show. Today’s episode is titled  “Insurance Fraud.”     This episode originally aired in 1944. The Amos ‘N’…

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My Favorite Husband - Lucille Ball My Favorite Husband 

My Favorite Husband – “Knitting Baby Booties.” (1948)

Welcome back folks to the Geezer Gus Presents™  radio comedy series! I’m so thrilled you tuned in. Today’s comedy episode is a classic from the My Favorite Husband Radio Show starring Lucille Ball. This episode is titled “Knitting Baby Booties.” In this episode, When George’s friend sees Liz knitting baby booties, a rumor starts that she and George are expecting.    This radio plot sounds similar to a plot was used in the  I Love Lucy episode  “Drafted.” I’ve left in the original episode commercials from 1948 to preserve the…

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